Mi Casa Su Casa On The Riviera Maya

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Mi casa es su casa, a popular Mexican saying meaning “my place is your place”, is a fitting catch phrase for the Riviera Maya. There’s a bed for every style and budget here: all-inclusive resorts, hotels, holiday apartments, rooms in private houses, hostels, and even hammocks. If you see somewhere that takes your fancy, then ask about it. Chances are if you can sleep in it, you can rent it.

Stretching south of Cancun to Punta Allen (including the islands of Isla Mujeres and Cozumel), the Riviera Maya promotes itself as a Caribbean Paradise. Its appeal is diverse, from layabout beach holidays to jungle trekking and archaeological adventures with the region boasting an underground river system, rare wildlife like the jaguar, a thousand year heritage of Mayan culture, internationally-renowned chefs and nightclub dancefloors filled with pumping pelvises. The hotels are equally as diverse, from shabby to gob-smacking luxurious, and the Mexicans are warm and inviting, if not a little opportunistic. Guaranteed the seafood is fresh and just about every bar has Happy Hour. In some places it’s all day long. So what are you waiting for? The 2-for-1 margaritas are calling…

Thirty years ago Cancun was a mass of coconut trees. There was no town and no tourism. Development over the past three decades has been immense and a little careless. Today, Cancun seems old and damaged, the poorer cousin of its Riviera counterparts. An all-inclusive hotel package can be cheap, but you’ll compete with the schoolies because of it, and those surreptitious extras can add up. The Zona Hotelera is particularly adept at extracting cash from tourists.

We avoided the resort conglomerates that make up the landscape of Zona Hotelera. Instead we stayed downtown at Hotel El Rey Del Caribe. The hotel was chosen for its location and commitment to environmentally-friendly practices. Whilst it was reasonably central to Av Tulum, the main eating and shopping strip downtown, the room was lackluster and barely passable at US$70 per night. The hotel’s 25 double rooms all open onto an interior tropical garden with swimming pool and jacuzzi, but these amenities were closed during our stay. In addition we foolishly paid US$29 to the hotel for an airport transfer. This was an exorbitant cost given the scores of taxis vying for our business (brace yourself for the onslaught) and the fixed price colectivos on standby. Many of the resorts along Zona Hotelera provide their own courtesy shuttle from the airport.

Isla Mujeres
Isla Mujeres (Island of Women) does not sport an exotic array of women as its name might suggest. It’s a small fishing community that comfortably blends its locals with tourists: a rarity along the dollar-focused Riviera Maya. The tiny Mayan temple at the island’s south end, full of female figures, gives the place its name. It’s not much of a ruin, having been hideously modernised, but it sits dramatically on a rocky cliff. Only 8 km long and less than 1 km wide, a guided taxi tour around the island for US$15 (1-1.5 hours) is one way to see the entire island and indulge in some local gossip. You can also rent golf carts, mopeds or bicycles. Isla Mujeres attracts divers, snorkelers and sports fishermen. The sealife is abundant and interactive, thanks to the sale of fish food and the encouraged manhandling of pet sharks. That said, the turtle conservation park is definitely worth a look. It might not comply with current conservation theories but the right intention is there. Plus you’ll get to see rare breeds like the Hawks Bill and White turtle. Other activities worth investing your time in include snorkeling the Garrafon National Park reef, chartering a fishing boat or just relaxing on Playa Norte, the island’s best and calmest beach.

Isla Mujeres’ strategic geographical location in the Caribbean demands a naval presence. You’ll see gun-slinging marines surveying the sea for illegal Cuban immigrants, but their involvement on the island extends further than simply hunting down boat people. The first basic services for the island were established with the assistance of the marines, and in recent times, the navy has been invaluable during emergencies. In fact, much of Isla Mujeres is under repair since Hurricane Wilma ravaged the area in November 2005. Rubble and construction sites litter the Punta Sur (south end), although this should not deter you from staying on the island. There are still plenty of hotels to choose from. We stayed at Hotel Secreto, a relative new comer to the island. As it’s name suggest, the hotel is small and secluded, but any local can give you directions to its discrete entrance. The hotel has a choice of nine deluxe King rooms (all with stunning ocean views), floor-to-ceiling windows and native stone floors. This luxurious retreat instantly envelops you in a warm cloak of serenity and the homage to relaxation is everywhere. Each room has a balcony with day bed overlooking the infinity-edge pool, swaying palm trees and Caribbean sea. You can see the outdoor bar from your balcony and calling out to the bartender to bring up a margarita is encouraged. But seclusion does not come cheaply in a country of almost 110 million people. Hotel Secreto’s rooms cost between US$225-400 depending on what floor you would prefer to stay (highest floor = highest price). A word of warning too: whilst the Caribbean side of the island is exquisite, blustery winds occur even after hurricane season (Sep-Oct). Stay bayside during the cooler months; its much more pleasant. Stay on the Caribbean side during the warmer months; you’ll be grateful for the refreshing sea breeze.

Playa del Carmen
Compared with the rest of the country, Playa del Carmen is a surprisingly well-planned town. It offers a truly cosmopolitan feel with a festive Mexican twist. If 40c tacos and $1.20 beers appeal to you, then venture beyond the tourist boundaries to explore the town west of the main stretch Av Quinta (5th Avenue). You’ll find plenty of cheap and cheerful restaurants and bars. Around the main avenue there’s steakhouses, traditional Mayan cuisine, roving Mexican bands, souvenirs galore and even pet iguanas to take your photo with…

We stayed at the Illusion Boutique Hotel on Calle 8 East, but rest assured there’s no illusions here, just a great hotel that delivers everything it promises. Nestled between the beach and Av Quinta, the service at the hotel is outstanding. The bilingual front desk staff will bend over backwards to help you. There’s a rooftop pool and bar. On the same level the Master Suite and Deluxe Rooms have sweeping views of the Caribbean sea and Cozumel’s night lights. For absolute indulgence, a group of six couples could occupy the entire top floor and commandeer the rooftop amenities. The hotel also houses a day spa with facials and massages starting from US$70. Standard rooms are found on the first two floors. The deluxe version of these rooms have balconies with ocean views, whilst others face inwards to the light-filled atrium. There are no tea and coffee-making facilities in the standard rooms, but temperatures, prices and location lean towards a cold beer or margarita anyway. Rates vary greatly from US$150-350 per night depending on your preferred room type.

Don’t be put off by the enormous cruise ships that line the port of Cozumel. Cozumel is dead quiet and sparsely populated beyond its main town, San Miguel. We hired a scooter and zoomed over to the other side of the island, stopping for a swim, a feed, a drink from the coconut stand and finally a guided snorkelling tour at the reefs around the south end of the island. This is a worthy daytrip away from the hustle and bustle of Playa del Carmen. A ferry from Playa del Carmen costs US$22 per per person round trip.

Review Fresh and Quality Food Products and Rice Supplier in India

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Here we are reviewing one of the most popular food products brand and largest rice supplier in India. Being as a top most food product brand and rice supplier in India Altaj Mart ensures that their quality products add extra taste to your food.

One of the most popular crops around the world is Rice. Such is its popularity that hardly would there be a country which would not have a very staunch following for this glorious crop. This also explains the fact as to why there are several export companies exporting rice to various parts of the world. India also is one country which sees a whole lot of rice suppliers functioning from its locales. However, amongst the conglomeration of all rice suppliers there is one name that shines the most. Indeed, Altaj Mart is one name that has really carved a niche for itself as far as being the best supplier in the field of rice export is concerned.

Now the question that arises is that what is it that has made Altaj Mart such a prominent name in the field of rice supply India. Well, there are a few points that come to mind straight away. Most important of which has to be the top class packaging department that it possesses. It must be understood that the soul of rice is the fragrance and aroma that it carries. It is essential to ensure that rice, when it reaches the customers in packets, contains all its natural fragrance. Well, the packaging of Altaj Mart ensures just that as a result the rice that reaches the customers is in its purest form.

Being as a largest rice supplier and food products company in India we constantly mailing innovation in the existing products and successfully launching new products. We understand the value of your money, that’s why we don’t compromise with quality and maintain quality of our food product which are enrich in taste. Every product which comes out from our factory is the symbol of quality and it delivered accordingly.

Being As a different food product company in India we decided to produce unique and fresh products for consumer which should satisfy every demand of consumer. We don’t compromise with quality and only the best quality ingredients are used for the production of every product. Altaj Mart is one of the first companies to explorer the potential of raw food processing in India. We have been delivering the fresh and quality food products in India.

Our brand is not just the pioneers in introducing prepackaged foods but we are also amongst the first rice supplier (http://www.altajmart.com/rice.php ) companies in India to obtain GMP certification. The best testimonial to our quality and reliability however, is the rapidly growing family of loyal consumers around the world over four decades. Food is a thing which everyone working for and they always want to have good quality food. Good food products should always our priority because if food is good then our health should also be good.

To produce and market trusted rice and food product brand conforming to the highest international standard of quality and taste for discerning customers in the Indian market, with every employee passionately dedicated to achieving the goal of the organization. Our quality food products have an intrinsic appreciation for the importance of nutritious food and its impact on your health.

Working in a state of constant innovation aided by modern technology ensures that our food reaches customers in the purest form possible. With our commitment to quality and taste, we assure you that rice products can be imitated but never equaled. Our every product ensures that you will get premium quality taste in every dish you prepared at home or restaurant.

Altaj Mart is also a merchant supplier of White Rice, Basmati White Rice suppliers in different parts of the India. The company’s commitment to total quality management is highlighted in all spheres of its operational mechanism including the manufacture of its multitude of product items. A professionally managed marketing wing with a strong motivation from the management, along with an efficient distribution network ensures a global presence of the Altaj Mart. The company maintains the highest industry standards to ensure excellent quality of workmanship. Besides, the company is committed to satisfying the needs of every customer in the quickest possible turnaround time.

This article is written by Gerry Lopez, who is associated with Altajmart.com, a leading manufacturers and suppliers of food products India http://www.altajmart.com.

Nrg1 Plant Food

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Many new plant nutrition products are being created to find research chemicals that will bring the growth demanded by today’s gardeners. All gardeners know that feeding plants is essential for their health and energy and research plant food chemicals are starting to become increasingly popular these days.

NRG1 research plant feed is the newest thing in agricultural research and we are sure your plants will enjoy sampling this plant food! NRG-1 plant food, also known as energy-1, has been reported to be one of the strongest plantfoods available and already the internet is buzzing with excitement about its potential to help plants get all the nutrition they need.

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NRG-1 also known as Naphyrone, energy1, or rave is set to be the next big thing in plant food research for 2010.

Please bear in mind that NRG-1 research plant food is reported to be 5-10x stronger than some other plant feeds, so be sure to use sparingly and to hydrate your plants well if using NRG-1 on them.

Please note, all products for sale on this site are NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION, please ensure you read our terms and conditions before purchasing NRG-1 aka Naphyrone, rave, energy1 from our website.

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Happy gardening!!

Ontario’s Muskoka District Combines World-Class Recreation With Pristine Beauty

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The Muskoka district is one of Ontario’s most sought-after summer destinations, filled with resorts, lakes, forests, and summer camps, and providing plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities. It’s location two hours north of Toronto makes it convenient for both visitors and seasonal residents, attracting 2.1 million guests each year.

Defined By Water Muskoka has three major lakes among its 1,600 bodies of water: Lake Muskoka, Lake Rosseau and Lake Joseph. The district also has waterfront access to massive Georgian Bay and the Great Lakes. The presence of so many lakes has made it world-famous for water-based recreation.

Some of the more popular activities include canoeing and kayaking, sailing, windsurfing and water-skiing. Short-term cruises are a summertime delight, especially a steam ship voyage on Lake Muskoka on board the 1887 Royal Mail Ship Segwun. The ship docks at the town of Gravenhurst.

In the winter, lakes turn into sheets of ice, making them ideal for ice skating, ice hockey and ice fishing. Five months of snowfall each year provides plenty of opportunity for skiing and tubing, sleigh rides and snowmobiling. Hidden Valley Highlands Ski Area is a favorite destination for downhill skiers with a 300-foot drop and 11 ski runs. Cross-country skiers have their choice of many hiking trails inside the district.

Defined by Luxury Muskoka is considered one of Ontario’s “cottage country” districts because of its natural charm and scenic houses. Many affluent homes have been built in Muskoka over the past century, including summer homes for celebrities from all walks of life. The northeastern part of Muskoka is very hilly, and there are a number of resorts centered around the town of Huntsville. Each one offers year-round activities, including golf, hiking, water sports and indoor events. (links: http://www.deerhurstresort.com and http://www.skihiddenvalley.on.ca).

Shoppers will enjoy Muskoka’s many artisan shops and downtown communities in the larger cities of Bracebridge, Gravenhurst and Huntsville. There are also a number of art galleries in these cities and fine dining restaurants. Smaller communities also provide a quaint shopping experience, especially Port Carling with its art galleries, unique stores and eateries, and its scenic downtown.

Social media is a great way to keep track of the latest events and activities in Muskoka. The non-profit Muskoka Tourism Marketing Agency maintains a Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Muskoka-Tourism/208206132579156) and Twitter account (https://twitter.com/DiscoverMuskoka) with current community news and outdoor activities.

Defined by the Seasons Every fall, Muskoka draws another crowd of visitors: photographers, painters and other visual artists. The changing of the tree colors always makes for an unforgettable experience, so day-trippers, campers and hikers flock to the many parks inside the district to take in the majestic beauty.

The district borders two major parks, Algonquin Provincial Park to the east and Georgian Bay Islands National Park to the west. Algonquin is a massive park with rocky hills, forests, lakes and waterfalls. In the summer it is a favorite spot for canoeing and mountain biking. In the winter, it is a hot-spot for cross-country skiing. Georgian Bay Islands National Park contains 59 fresh-water islands with diverse wildlife and deep history.

Muskoka Grandview Resort has gorgeous, spacious resorts at the most reasonable rates in cottage country. Visit us today at http://muskokagrandviewresort.com/ to learn more.

Enjoy World Class Resorts with Phuket Luxury Villas

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Phuket is the center of world class resorts in Thailand. The island offers first-class Phuket resort and spa centers where guests can enjoy their holidays in relaxation and luxury.

Dewa Phuket Resort Dewa Phuket spa resort is open for guests all year. This Phuket spa resort provides the luxury of a high-class hotel and resort with the comfortable feel of being in your own home.

Dewa Phuket boutique resort Dewa is a Phuket boutique resort that successfully combines resort amenities and a touch of home making it an ideal Phuket boutique resort for couples and families alike. The resort integrates the coziness of home and the extravagance of hotel life and services. Restaurants and bars also thrive inside and outside the resort, which offers tasty and delectable Thai and Western dishes.

The spa in Dewa Phuket resort offer packages and rituals exclusive only on the Dewa Phuket spa resort. Calm your nerves and senses through the fragrant bath rituals and relieve stress and muscle pain by having a traditional Thai massage. This Phuket resort and spa also offer the Dewa signature body scrub using white tea salt scrub and rice scrub.

This Phuket hotel resort provides five-star services and accommodations. The resort offers spacious suite rooms to private villas perfect for honeymooners and the whole family. The suites and villas boast the intricacy of Thai architecture mixed with European touches for versatility and class. The suites are spacious and resemble the comfort of home. The villas only speak of comfort and luxury, offering each family the privacy they seek. Villa guests also enjoy their own private pool, offering unlimited access to the pool day and night.

Dewa is a Phuket hotel resort that is the perfect wedding venue. Couples can choose to be wed in traditional Thai wedding, Western wedding, and even have an underwater wedding. Couples don’t need to worry about their guests accommodations as the resort has a lot of rooms and is spacious enough for both simple and grand weddings.

Water activities Whether it’s kayaking, canoeing, kite boarding, snorkeling, scuba diving, or hobie cat sailing, this Phuket hotel resort has it all for you. Have an adventurous and active holiday with the water sports and activities organized by the resort. Be a certified diver in just a few days through the Dewa Phuket resort and spa ITC Master Dive Academy and explore one of the most beautiful diving spots in Phuket, Thailand. Diving equipment rentals are also provided if you want to explore the nearby islands and the diving spots on your own.

Apartment sales Spend every holiday season in your own Dewa Phuket apartment. Available units include single room apartments and two-room apartments offered in grande, superior, and premium designs. Apartments are presented in condominium style units with each unit given the same breathtaking view and unlimited access to the amenities offered by Dewa Phuket resort hotel. Just like the hotel, every apartment shows the exquisite blend of Thai and Western architecture.

Dewa is a perfect Phuket resort catering for the discerning traveler looking for a private pool villa or alternatively a beach view apartment. This Phuket beach resort is ideally located meters from the aquamarine waters of the Andaman sea on Phuket’s tranquil Nai Yang Beach, adjacent to Sirinath National Park. http://www.dewaphuket.com – No.1 Phuket Spa Resort