Top Food Processors In India

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If you love cooking food or you have to cook food most of the times in day, you will be surely helped by having a good quality food processor. A food processor is a multitasking kitchen appliance. It helps you in pre-cooking preparations which consume a lot of time. Like several other kitchen appliances, there are several brands offering food processors. There are different models of food processors available with different features. When thinking of buy food processor, make it a point consider a few important factors to get the best one.

The most basic food processors offer the basic features such as slicing, shredding and chopping. These are the most basic functions you can expect from a food processor. However, these days food processors are coming with several features. These food processors can perform any preparation task required to be done in the kitchen. If you want to shred 10 KGs of carrots to make Gajar ka Halwa, you can do that within 15 minutes. Yes, I am not exaggerating! I am saying this with my experience. Otherwise if you do it with hands using a traditional manual grater, it will take around 2 hours and a lot of pain in your hands.

These machines are good if you like to have fresh fruit juice for your and your family. It has two type of juicer attachments; citrus and centrifugal. You can extract juice from fresh fruits and vegetables when you want that too without many hassles. You can also prepare smoothies and soups. With every food processor, there are different collection of blades and attachments. There are extra blades, extra bawls and additional and wider chutes. If you are looking for food processor with low price, search online for getting good deals.

When looking for a food processor, you need to consider safety features also. Having a look at blades and attachments is not enough. In addition, make sure that their clean up is also easy. The attachments should be such that you need not spend much time in cleaning of the parts of your machine. They should be dishwasher safe. Moreover, assembling the parts should be as easy as putting down.

As Food Processors come in different sizes and capacities, it is important to determine your requirements and expectations. If you have a small family or you will be using it occasionally, it is best to have small capacity food processors. On the other hand for meeting needs of larger family, choose a larger food processor. is a reputed online store. You can visit it for reading reviews and features of several different food processors and compare them before actually buying one.

MS Friendly Food Alternatives

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Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a debilitating condition that science has not yet found the cure for. It gradually diminishes the cognitive and motor abilities of those afflicted unless the proper treatments are done. Even with the help of the most cutting-edge therapies, the most that can be done is to arrest the diseases advance. Existing symptoms remain and cannot be removed completely.

Every week, more than 200 people are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis all over the United States. The number has grown so fast that there are almost half a million people living with the disease in the country right now.

One of the more effective strategies in managing MS is through the proper adherence to a diet thats low in saturated fat. Research suggests that excessive levels of this macronutrient can contribute to a higher incidence rate of MS-related attacks. Avoiding food thats rich in it can go a long way towards improving the patients quality of life.

Unfortunately, the modern fast-food culture may make it difficult for people to find MS friendly alternatives to what they used to eat before. If you or a loved one is currently suffering from multiple sclerosis, here are some dietary tips that might help.

For main meals, there are lots of options you can try that are appropriate for any multiple sclerosis diet. Things like pork chops or steaks can be substituted with fish. Tilapia, tuna and salmon are all tasty, high in protein and extremely low in saturated fat content. Also, try baking or grilling the fish; it makes no sense to risk complications from the additional oil used in conventional frying methods.

Modifying your favorite snacks and finger food to become more compatible with your multiple sclerosis diet is also very easy. Theres no need to stop enjoying potato chips or French fries before a big game; just bake or broil the taters in the oven instead of deep frying them. This cooking method will also keep the pieces crisp for a longer time since theres no oil to make them soggy.

Try to incorporate some form of whole grain in every meal of your multiple sclerosis diet. Theyre high in fiber and are considered a complete carbohydrate. Oatmeal in particular is very high in phytonutrients that can help reduce the inflammation of MS lesions.

Learn Various Food Colouring Through Food Coloring Chart

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Some foods are visually very appealing with the use of different food coloring agents. With catchy food, the desire to eat also gets enhanced leading to strong appetite and if these are natural then there are even no side effects.

Food coloring chart is the collection of primary and secondary food colors. There are three primary food color viz red, yellow and blue. By mixing any two colors in specified ratio leads to the formation of secondary colors that are purple, green and orange. Like red and yellow when mixed in equal proportion these lead to orange color. If you will increase the quantity of yellow color then the resultant color will be more towards yellow otherwise towards red.

Food coloring is mostly done for the icing that is used as a topping above the cake. At most of the stores you will find the primary color and the green color. But in some others different shades of purple, black and pink are also found. It all depends upon the mixing of food color.

Food Coloring Chart Tips
Mixing of any two primary colors in equal parts will generate the secondary color.

One drop of red + one drop of yellow = orange
One drop yellow + one drop blue = green
One drop blue + one drop red = violet

Use white color to lighten any color. Specifically for food use white icing to lighten the food color.

Mix the primary color in equal proportion (red in bit more quantity) to get the complete black color.

Caramel color is a brown color that is extensively used for icing. This brown color is obtained by mixing more of green in less of yellow. Green is the secondary color.

To make the color of your choice start with one drop of each color and change the proportion as per the requirement.

Get the pastel color by adding white to the required food color.

Deepening of color occurs with time, therefore mix the color at least one hour before its application.

Natural Food Coloring Chart for Icing

The numeric values in the chart defines the number of drops required to make the food color.

Apricot = 2 orange + 1 egg yellow
Coral = 3 rose pink + 2 lemon yellow
Ivory = 1 liquid whitener + a touch of brown + a touch of egg yellow
Jungle Green = 14 green + 6 yellow
Lime = 24 yellow+ 4 green
Navy Blue = 1 sky blue + 1 violet
Raspberry = 3 bakers rose + 1 Christmas red
Rust = 8 orange + 2 red red + 1 brown
Yellow Maroon = 4 red red + 2 burgundy

As far as possible use natural food colors to avoid any kind of adverse health effects.

Very Best Dog Food Brands

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Many pet owners are looking for the best dog food brands, because of the tie between food and health.The simple answer is to find the best dog food brands you just need to look at the ingredients listed on the labels.

It would be great if that was the case, but with the encrypted code being used by the pet food companies, it is not that easy.

There are many people telling us healthy food to eat, but its a lot more difficult to find good information on a healthy diet for our pets.

The trouble here is that pet food producers are allowed to incorporate ingredients that are not for human consumption in their foods. It is sad that in today’s world those who manufacture dog food can use low quality by product ingredients and due to government regulations give the brand high quality healthy sounding names.

One would assume that finding dried egg product as a listed ingredient in dog food would make it healthier. I reality it can include undeveloped eggs, shells and other tissues deemed unfit for human use.

While doing my research to find the best dog food brands, I ran across a list of 68 ingredients that are used by some of the best brands, that should give you cause to stop feeding these brand to your dog. 41% of these ingredients can actually be fatal, maybe not right away but they will shorten your pets life.

I also found a free confidential dog food report written by a guy that has hired a testing firm to find the best dog food brands in North America. The report is copyright protected, so I cant re-print it in this article.

After analyzing most know commercially made dog food in North America they only found nine that were healthy enough to make the list.

The report also lists 27 well know brands that didnt make the cut, and give reasons why not. Some brands that aren’t good enough to make the list are Iams, Science Diet, and Eukanuba.

The report continues to be updated, and in this 2nd addition there are six brands that have been removed due to reasons listed in the report.
Every brand in the report has a reason why it is healthy or not.

From what I learnt about commercial dog food during my research, I now feed both our dogs a homemade diet, but there are times you just need to be able to pour some food out of a bag I personally wont risk the health of my best friends, because Im to lazy to either cook them food, or at the very least buy them one of the healthiest, best dog food brands I can find.

Centennial Colleges Hotel Management Program Offers Theory And Practical Learning

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Its not easy to define the term hotel management. Thats because it is an all-encompassing field that includes: sales and marketing management for hotels, cruise line management, human resources management, hotel and restaurant general management, convention services and tour coordination. With $18.8-billion in national accommodation revenue, 8,356 properties and 378,000 employees reported in 2008 by the Hotel Association of Canada, a career path in hotel management is clearly a choice that comes with many possibilities.

You cant manage a hotel without guests to fill the rooms. Thats where the sales and marketing managers come in. These professionals are involved in ensuring that the hotel name is reputable and respected. They use their creative thinking skills to market the hotel and to draw people in. Also, in this admin area is the role of a human resources hotel manager, who hires staff and may be in charge of managing press, relations with the community and more. However, before guests are checked in, it is the responsibility of the housekeeping manager to ensure that rooms are spotless and that everything is fresh and sparkling. Once guests start coming into the hotel, the front-desk management team snaps into action. It is their responsibility to ensure that guests are checked in and out of in a timely manner. In addition, there is a Restaurant and Service management team that is responsible for ensuring that food at the hotel restaurant is top quality, tableware is sparking and that furniture is perfectly comfortable and clean. Lastly, a general hotel manager oversees all of these departments to ensure the hotel is running smoothly.

To get you into the career world quickly, Centennial College offers a one-year Hotel, Resort and Restaurant Management program as part of its hotel management school. This undertaking is geared at those students who already have post-secondary accreditation but are looking for a career change. Therefore, applicants must submit an official transcript demonstrating proof of successful completion of a post-secondary diploma or degree program. A resume review may also be required. Centennial College will consider applicants presenting a combination of partial post secondary education and relevant work experience, open to all disciplines. Hotel management school,empowers and educates students well in this direction.

Within the short and intensive program from the Centennial College hotel management school, you will cover topics such as: finance, human resources, labour and international relations, oenology, leadership and entrepreneurship, security and risk, service quality, marketing and revenue management. Specific course titles include: Hospitality Financial Management, Managing Service Quality and Business Excellence, Hospitality Marketing Strategies and more. Students take six courses in the first semester and four in the second. The second semester also includes a two-day-per-week internship, during which students work in the industry to apply what they have learned and obtain additional practical experience. For more benefits, check out this hotel management programs benefits page.